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#5 Inapptics / Pixomatic / Embry / AIRobotics (July 2018)

INAPPTICS (Ashot Tonoyan)

AI powered user behavior insights. On fast-growing $3bn mobile analytics market, Yerevan-based Inapptics is providing a unique and easy to use AI analysis and predictive tool. Inapptics raised $150k from HIVE and was accelerated by StartupWiseGuys

PIXOMATIC / FACEHUB (Garik Avetisyan)

Pixomatic is the first-ever mobile app that brings desktop level quality for selecting and masking images. #1 Paid App in 92 Countries, #1 Paid Photo & Video App in 122 Countries, 3,500 monthly paying users. Pixomatic’s team raised $60k from SmartGate for launching their new app Facehub, an AI powered avatar animation tool (real time face-to-face swap on iPhone) that got hunted on Product Hunt and got support from Alexis Ohanian

EMBRY (Sargis Karapetyan)

Embry has developed a smart insole that can become your personal coach – and track the

evolution of your weight. Embry has raised $60k from SmartGate, and is about to start beta-testing on its products

AIROBOTICS (Gayane Sakunts)

After working for several years with Armenian born Silicon Valley serial entrepreneur David Yan (ABBYY), Gayane founded AIRobotics 3 years ago to address the issue of VCs and accelerators’ portfolio management and real-time assessment of startups. AIRobotics made $400k of revenues last year with Russian and US customers, and is raising funds to expand commercial development

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