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#4 2Hz / XCloud Networks / Earlyone / Smartgate (December 2017)

Mis à jour : 1 oct. 2018

2Hz (Davit Baghdasaryan + Artavazd Minasyan)

AI Powered Speech Enhancement technology. 2Hz was founded by 2 experienced

entrepreneurs (Davit is an ex-Twilio), and operates between the West Coast and Yerevan. Technology using Deep Neural networks considerably improves the intellegibility of conversations in Noisy environments. Raised $300K of seed financing

XCLOUD Networks (Alex Saroyan)

Helping tech companies to build 100x more efficient infrastructures. Modern Network Infrastructures are slow to manage, expensive, hard to share, and complex. XCloud

solve those problems by bringing cloud-based principles into Network Infrastructures.

The company is based in Yerevan, and currently raising $250K to establish in the USA

EARLYONE (Gevorg Safaryan)

Making queues a thing of the past. Earlyone developed a Queue & Staff management system for companies to optimize customer flow, staff work, and upgrade Customer service quality. Based in Yerevan, Earlyone already works with a wide number of large Armenian corporations, and is interested in penetrating the Western-European market

SMARTGATE (Vazgen Hakobjanyan, Ashot Arzumanyan, Hambardzum Kaghketysan)

SmartGate is a new early-stage venture capital fund whose ambition is to consolidate Armenia’s startup ecosystem. Highly experienced as investors, innovators and managers, the team has also created the Armenia Startup Academy, co-funded by the European Union and Germany, that proposes a 12-week pre-acceleration program

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